Olive wood

Olive wood is a beautiful wood with grains of colours from cream through pink to black.

Olive trees are cut down only when they can not be harvested any longer. Most olive wood carvings come from the trimmings an essential proccess to health and proper growth of the trees.11825722_419433581582271_6778890536973265852_n

It was a branch of olive tree that was given as first price to the olympians, sympolizing wisdom, will and virtue.

Attached to the History and Religion of Greece for more than 3000 years, it is a part of the myth of Greece the Legendary land. The woods are coming mainly from the areas of Rethymnon and Chania because they have a different way of treatin


g the trees. On these areas they let the trees to grow huge while on east side of Crete farmers keep on “cleaning” the trees very often.



Tip: “It is recommended to oil the wood product often. “Often” is determent on how often soap is used on it. So for example, if you soap a wooden product very often (every 2-3 days), you should oil it with sunflower oil every month one time. Correct way to do it is: put the wood in a container (baking dish), add a lot of oil over the wood (not till it covers it just enough to wet it all around), leave it for a night so it has time to drink the oil. next day wash it and its ready to use. ”


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